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Maria Whiteman – Taxonomia

Maria Whiteman

Please note: our exhibitious are on hiatus from Wednesday November 30 until Wednesday December 7, to make way for the wonderful and dynamic Fine Art of Schmoozy

November 4–December 17 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday 11 November, 7:00 PM

Artist Talk: Friday 18 November, 7:00 PM

Taken in the University of Alberta’s Museum of Zoology and Paris' La Musée Fragonard, these large-format photographs of pickled animals and their display settings is driven by questions about how we display and discuss animals. Maria Whiteman examines the rapidly-changing world of scientific classification where very old ideas—complicated hierarchical cate- gories built on careful observation—are being reexamined in an age of genetic catalogues. Whiteman engages a tradition of spillover from science into artworks that spans the age between Peter the Great’s famous curiosity collections to Mark Dion and Damien Hirst’s taxedermied conceptual art, and considers both the individuality of the animals and how they become objects for display.

Read the Monograph Essay by Amanda Boetzkes.

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Karen Zalamea – Working Order

Karen Zalamea

Please note: our exhibitious are on hiatus from Wednesday November 30 until Wednesday December 7, to make way for the wonderful and dynamic Fine Art of Schmoozy

November 4–December 17 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday 11 November, 7:00 PM

Performance: Saturday 26 November, 2:00 PM

Karen Zalamea’s performance videos showcase the body as a site for ritualised mechanical gesture, rhythmic discipline and simultaneous performance and production. Sourced from twentieth-century industrial management texts, Karen Zalamea’s movements mark out a struggle for mastery through repetition, equal parts rigour and humour, as the post-industrial working body is transformed into object.

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Andrea Williamson

Andrea Williamson – The Open Crowd

September 23–October 29 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday September 23 at 7:00 PM

Artist's Talk: Saturday October 29 at 2:00 PM

Andrea Williamson’s large-scale layered silk-screen prints create confrontations and relationships through the body language of individuals among a crowd. Williamson, a Calgary-based artist, draws from photographic images in the media, finding participants for her experiments in crowd dynamics from religious gatherings, sports and political events, celebrations and riots, translated through the effects of her hand and ink on paper, as well as a public collaborative drawing.

Andrea Williamson will give an artist's talk on Saturday 29 October, including a participatory work.


DRAWn Together

September 23–October 29 in the Community Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday September 23 at 7:00 PM

DRAWn Together is an experiment in collaboration and community building in the schoolroom: one hundred and fifty sketchbooks that began their journey in edmonton public schools classrooms and have travelled, some internationally, collecting images. numerous participants have filled their pages with visual and textual records of their lives and cultural backgrounds, and were challenged to respond to the creations left by others.


Margaret Dragu & Freya Björg Olafson
FOMD Laboratory: Embodied Projections

October 7–29 in the Main Space

Artists' Talk: Saturday October 15 at 2:00 PM

Closing Reception, Potluck Dinner & Drop-in Conversations with the Artists: Wednesday October 26 at 6:30 PM

This residency and show brings Canadian performance artists Margaret Dragu and Freya Björg Olafson together for the first time. Both artists have backgrounds in dance, incorporated into interdisciplinary performance projects with a strongly feminist viewpoint, and at Latitude 53 they will engage in a cross-generational contemporary art experiment, drawing from the themes of their separate bodies of work.

With a Monograph Essay by Carolyn Jervis

Visualeyez 2011: Worship+Ritual

Theory for Dinner

Make art theory easy to digest with Theory For Dinner, a casual discussion series open to anyone interested in attending. Each semi-weekly session explores a seminal theoretical text and engages members and guests in dialogue about its applications in the world outside the academy.

Led and devised by our current writer-in-residence Anne Pasek, Theory For Dinner echoes Latitude 53’s mission to create sites for the intersection of contemporary art and ideas in Alberta. Feast on a potluck supper while connecting with fellow arts-minded friends in Edmonton’s community, and find a new recipe, book or idea to take home. Each Theory For Dinner meeting is free to attend—all you need to bring is an appetite for discussion and a tasty contribution for dinner.

  • Wednesday, September 7 from 7-10pm. Marxist scholar Guy Debord’s The Society of Spectacle and its series of statements about contemporary life is the textual focus of the series’ upcoming chapter.

Interested? RSVP on Facebook and follow the latest Theory For Dinner updates on the blog.

Jason de HaanJason de Haan
Future Future Age(s)

4 August–9 September 2011 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Thursday August 4th at 7:00 PM

Artist Talk: Thursday August 4th at 6:00 PM

Calgary artist Jason de Haan envisions a far-off future. Featuring a cube containing Dawson City northern lights, quartz crystal balls, a tree trunk adorned in gold and a set of supposedly haunted mirrors, de Haan considers “states of suspension, looping and simultaneity” with a series of five sculptural installations. His works explore the mysterious and the metaphysical, providing viewers with a glance into alternate realities.

Read the Monograph Essay by Kristopher Lindskoog.

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Saturday Mornings, The DinerSaturday Mornings, The Diner

Sarah Fuller, Lindsay MacDonald and Lia Rogers

30 July–9 September 2011 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Performance: at Draw, Saturday July 30th at 8:00 PM

Experience the lure and legacy of the greasy spoon on Alberta’s Cowboy Trail. An interactive installation featuring video projections, a booth borrowed from Marv’s Soda Shop and a Seeburg selection box with gathered interviews from restaurant regulars, the Albertan trio’s work promises to re-create an evocative atmosphere that continues to linger long after the rise of the digital age.

jasper-apple.jpgJasper Place High School Video Project

All night this week, in storefront windows downtown:

At the Nina Haggerty Centre: Monday–Tuesday (29–30 August, 9225 – 118 Ave)

At the United Way: Tuesday–Wednesday (30–31 August, 15132 Stony Plain Road)

At the Artery: Thursday–Friday (1–2 September, 9535 Jasper Ave)

Our untitled public video installation explores the individual strength and personality of nine anonymous students from Jasper Place High School. Communities can often feel unsafe or scary at night, so this project attempts to bring a sense of humour, movement and hope to our streets even after the sun sets.

Each student was in creative control of their own part of the project, and students chose to do a range of movements from eating apples and smiling to moshing and singing.

The project will be projected at three storefront windows at night. The installation can be seen at the Nina Haggerty on Monday and Tuesday; United Way on Tuesday and Wednesday; and The ARTery on Thursday and Friday.

Come walk by, take some snaps, and send feedback to about what you think.


August 27, 11am–5pm

This August 27, Latitude 53 ventures outside the gallery for In/stall/ed, a free celebration of public art in the McCauley community. Created and produced by Latitude 53, In/stall/ed features seventeen site-specific installations from national and international artists that explore the public-private divide. Repurposing parking stalls throughout the McCauley neighbourhood as transient sites for the exhibition of public art, the project encourages Edmonton's communities to experience art in urban contexts outside the gallery environment.

Read more about In/stall/ed.

Summer Incubator Series

13–18 June James Birkbeck
20–25 June Raylene Campbell
27 June–2 July  Aryen Hoekstra
4–9 July Jana Hargarten
11–16 July Martina MacFarlane
18–23 July Geoff Lilge
25–30 July Paul Smith
1–6 August Sergio Serrano & Alexander Stewart
8–13 August Clint Wilson
15–20 August Dawn Saunders-Dahl

Openings on the Patio every Thursday 5–9 PM

With the arrival of the Summer Incubator Series, find fresh works from Edmonton artists in Latitude 53’s Community Gallery. Discover something new every Monday with a set of weeklong mini-shows, featuring works in development from eleven Edmonton artists and designers.

Participate in Edmonton’s lively contemporary arts community—alongside the evening excitement of our Rooftop Patio Series, celebrate opening receptions and artist's talks for the Summer Incubator Series every Thursday at 7pm.

Find out about the Rooftop Patio Series.

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This July 30th, drawing is the name of the game. Latitude 53 teams up with artist-run-centres SNAP, Harcourt House and FAVA to present the sixth annual marathon dedicated to all things DRAW. With family-focused activities and artist-led drawing games during the day and a collage party happening into the night, this event promises to be fun-filled for attendees of all ages. We've got kite-making to life-drawing to animation—find out more at


23 June–23 July 2011 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Thursday 23 June at 7:00 PM

In association with the University of Alberta and the Media Ecology Association.

Marshall McLuhan is considered one of the formost intellectuals of the twentieth century. His ideas and theories resonate across a myriad of practices, subjects and disciplines. 2011 marks the centenary of McLuhan's birth. This exhibition brings together ten designers and artists that explore concepts and ideas that relate to and explore manifestations of McLuhan's ideas. Curated by Aidan Rowe.

Includes work by: Kyle Armstrong, Andrew Buszchak, Karen Campbell, Cindy Couldwell, France Dubois, Jenna Hill, Jeffrey Klassen, John Luna, Sergio Serrano, Amanda R.T. Thomson and Anna Tzini.

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VITULAZIOBarbara Prokop

23 June–23 July 2011 in the ProjEx Room

Berlin-based Barbara Prokop investigates the artist-audience divide in her video installation VITULAZIO. Following architect Ugo Betori and client Gelsomina Lamberti through the halls of their co-designed conceptual villa in late 1980s Italy, Prokop documents their colliding points of view about architecture's forms and functions, providing a playful glimpse into design disagreements.

Presented with support from Dub Architects Limited.

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Where are we going?Where Are We Going?
Curated by Gabe Wong

20 May–18 June 2011 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday 20 May at 7:00 PM

Curator's Talk: to be announced

Gabe Wong selects work from Edmonton’s art, design and illustration communities that reflect upon the question of the future. Where are We Going? will collect these posters in the gallery and in a new publication and Furoshiki cloth map with contributions from the artists.

Wong draws on the same themes and some of the same Edmonton talent as his celebrated Where Are You From? poster show in 2009. With posters by a cross-section of Edmonton artists, the collection showcases a variety of takes on the question. As well as hanging on the gallery walls, the works in Where Are We Going? are collected in a new publication.

Includes work by: Dwight Allott, Jason Blower, Byron Eggenschwiler, Nathan Grimson, Josh Holinaty, Emmanuel Ilagan, Nickelas Johnson, Mariya Karpenko, Jeff Kulak, Alaine Mackenzie, Martina MacFarlane, Kirsten McCrea, Travis McEwen, Emery Norton, Sergio Serrano, Genevieve Simms, J Stanton, Vikki Wiercinski, Gabe Wong, Katie Yu

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SanctuaryDaniel Evans

20 May–18 June 2011 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday 20 May at 7:00 PM

Artist Talk: Thursday 9 June at 7:00 PM

Daniel Evans rebuilds his childhood sanctuary, a tree-house constructed by his father, to examine the human need for places of refuge. Built from the original panels that have rested beside his parents’ shed for years, the sculptural installation welcomes viewers to a world populated by images of his Opa searching for his own sanctuary after the Indonesian War of Independence.

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Noxious SectorNoxious Sector
Of Brains and Magnets

15 April–14 May 2011 in the Main Space

Performance and Opening Reception: Friday 15 April at 7:00 PM

A cross-section of Noxious Sector’s ongoing work, including past projects and new experiments, Of Brains and Magnets is focussed on the place where research, speculation and paranormal folklore meet in our discourse and understanding of the human brain. Starting with documentation of their initial experiments with magnets and their own heads, the show includes scientific equipment turned to unscientific interpretations, competition and music, and suggestions of altered consciousness.

View the monograph essay by Scott Rogers

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Jinzhe CuiJinzhe Cui
When Dreams Lighten the Reality

15 April–14 May 2011 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday 15 April at 7:00 PM

Artist Talk: Thursday 5 May at 7:00 PM

Edmonton’s Jinzhe Cui wants to exchange dreams with you. When Dreams Lighten the Reality, her new drawing installation invites viewers to participate in her dreams from her point of view, creating a public dream-space in the gallery out of the private dream landscapes she has been exploring for the last three years. Jinzhe Cui will give an artist’s talk Thursday May 5 at 7:00 pm.

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valade-thumbnail.jpgMathieu Valade
Cubic Units

4 March–2 April 2011 in the Main Space

Artist Talk Saturday 5 March at 2:00 PM

Quebec artist Mathieu Valade's one hundred mirrored cubes present a personal and poetic look at the legacy of minimalism. The identical-in-appearance cubes arranged in symmetrical patterns differentiate themselves with animated effects, transforming similarity into difference. The effect is complicated by the cubes' mirrored surfaces which both defeat and amplify this differentiation in repetition.

Image: Mathieu Valade, "Monumental Toc"

Read more about Cubic Units, including the monograph essay by Victoria Stanton.

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rezansoff-thumbnail.jpgLisa Rezansoff
New Prints

4 March–2 April 2011 in the ProjEx Room

Artist Talk Thursday 24 March at 7:00 PM CANCELLED

Edmonton artist Lisa Rezansoff fills the ProjEx Room with her latest explorations in drawing and printmaking, delving deeper into her detailed mixtures of figurative, abstract and fantastic imagery. Inspired by memories of place she finds these new compositions near a forest and river that, once real, now exist in her mind.

"I am interested in what happens when I trust my hand to remember."

View posts about Lisa Rezansoff on the Latitude 53 Blog.

Gary James Joynes Clinker
Gary James Joynes / Clinker
Frequency Painting: 12 Tones

January 14 – February 12, 2011

In the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday January 14, 2011, 7 – 10 PM

Artist Talk: Saturday February 5, 2011, 2 PM

Frequency Painting: 12 Tones is a new work by sound and multimedia artist Gary James Joynes/Clinker. The exhibition features 12 sound machines that each emit a single continuous tone. The sound machines react to the movements of every visitor; changing in volume and interacting with each other to create a unique sound composition. As well, each tone is visually represented by a pattern created by continued exposure to the sound itself. With Frequency Painting: 12 Tones, Joynes “has imagined a world where sound… can be embodied within visible as well as audible wavelengths.”

Gary James Joynes/Clinker is a sound artist, composer, and visual artist from Edmonton, AB.

Brandon A. Dalmer
Brandon A. Dalmer:
Too Drunk to Fuck

January 14 – February 12, 2011

In the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: January 14, 2011, 7 – 10 PM

Artist Talk: Saturday January 15, 2 PM

Brandon A. Dalmer’s suburban scenes seem familiar at first glance. Upon closer inspection, though, his dioramas and drawings suggest deliberately vague (and vaguely sinister) narratives. Dalmer quietly questions the tropes of idealized suburban life, for those willing to look closely.

Brandon A. Dalmer was born in Edmonton, AB. He graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a BFA in painting in 2007. Currently he lives and works in Toronto, ON.

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