Calls for Submissions & Opportunities With Latitude 53

As an experimentally-focused and risk-taking artist-run centre, Latitude 53 frequently opens calls for submissions for projects of many kinds.

We maintain open calls for submissions to the gallery, which has three exhibition spaces. Our programming advisory committee meets twice each year (April 30 and September 30) to consider proposals for our two primary gallery spaces. For more information, please see our our calls for submissions for these spaces.

Calls for Submission

  • Guidelines for submission to our two primary galleries are evaluated twice a year.
  • Guidelines for individual artists to submit to a curated group project
  • Project proposals for the community gallery are accepted regularly and evaluted in August, November and March. 
  • Employment

    No openings currently.


    None at this time.

    Keep Current!

    To receive our calls to action as soon as we call them, follow us on our Tumblr blog, Twitter, our Facebook page, or join us as a Latitude 53 member in order to receive our bimonthly newsletter.

    Other artist-run-centres and allied organizations have calls for submissions as well; if you are a practicing artist seeking a project, we recommend visiting the calls for submissions board maintained by Art Rubicon Magazine which collates calls from a number of Albertan and Canadian organizations.

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