Parka Patio Call for Submissions

This year Parka Patio kicks-off on February 10, 2017 to a winter related theme of Solitude. Winter in Edmonton is a paradox. In the midst of our winter isolation we come together as a city. Perhaps consider contrasting themes. For example: solitude vs togetherness; cold vs warmth. Another definition of ‘solitude' refers to “a lonely or uninhabited place. wilderness, rural area, wilds, backwoods; desert, emptiness”. Consider how this idea relates to Edmonton as being a city that at the very heart has a space of wilderness (the river valley).

To help us bring this years Parka Patio to life we are searching for artists to create installations in three of our gallery spaces. Latitude will provide a budget of $750 for each space. Turnaround time is tight; install will start February 6 and end at 10 pm on February 9th. The Special Events Committee and Latitude 53 staff will review all submissions. The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2016.

The Parka Patio is one of Latitude 53’s most important fundraising events, but it’s also a community get-together, celebrating Edmonton’s winter. It particularly highlights the work of emerging local artists—the installations propose ways of looking at space, through environments for exploration and playful interactions.

  • The ProjEx Room

    This area will be open for a large installation. The installation in this space should create an atmosphere that works to as a space for visitors to linger and converse. The most successful projects in recent years have created warm-feeling spaces at a human scale, which visitors entered. The ProjEx Room is the second largest space inside the building.

  • The Community Gallery

    This is the transitional space from the building to the outdoor patio. The installation must allow for easy flow of traffic, people will be coming a going from the patio all evening, while being interactive for guests. The Community Gallery is the smallest space inside the building. In the past, this space has featured video projections and interactive sculpture—but the space is flexible beyond these simple needs.

  • The Outdoor Patio

    This is the feature installation, on the patio measuring roughly 30 by 23 feet. The goal is to make it a warm and inviting space for guests to enjoy warm drinks and mingle with friends under the night sky. The space will include seating and outdoor heaters, as well as a bar/workstation.

For gallery dimensions please review the gallery floor plan.

Proposal Requirements:

  • Detailed installation proposal
  • Artist’s Statement
  • Images to support proposed work
  • Small portfolio of past works
  • Contact information
  • CV

Please include all written materials as PDF files, and email submissions to

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2017.

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