Big'Uns by Dayna Danger

June 9 – July 22, 2017

Dayna Danger's exhibition Big‘Uns explores the reclaiming of the bodies and sexualities of trans, non-binary, femme, and female-identified individuals.

The Montréal based, queer, 2Spirit, Métis/Saulteaux/Polish artist Dayna Danger travelled to Alberta in April to photograph local participants for her photo series, which will be presented in this exhibition.

The exhibition is presented in partnership with the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective and Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture.

Members and guests are invited to join us June 9th for the opening reception.



June 3 – July 15, 2017

Visual Arts Alberta -- CARFAC presents the work of five Alberta artists and one collective who use art to question today's political realities, and prompt challenging discussions. Their work is diverse, sometimes conflicting in perspective, and presents visions of the world some would find uncomfortable.

The works presented may provoke questions on motive, but these artists speak their own truth directly through their work.

Artists include Barbara Amos (Calgary), Lee Deranger (Calgary), M.E.D.I.U.M. (Frater Tham, Madame Symona, Char Latan, and DR I.M. Auftenhazie; Lethbridge), Kzumi Marthiensen (Lethbridge), Alice Schoenberg (Calgary), and Gerry Yaum (Edmonton).

The exhibition is curated by Visual Arts Alberta -- CARFAC and presented by Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture.

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