June 8-July 21, 2018

Typical Space

Vancouver-based artist Sora Park working through an ethnographic study of the dancefloor. Based in her three-year-long research process of Afro-Latin social dancing subcultures, this reimagining of the physical environment of the club—dim lights, 90 degree intersections between the horizontal and vertical, and the invisible but perceptible divisions of social boundaries—resembles an architectural showcase of questions and alternative possibilities.

The Skin Machine

An exhibition coming out of Montreal-based artist Rachel Thomas’s own experiences of skin bearing the marks of psychic pain through self-harm. Thomas’s machine works in collaboration with microbes to repetitively produce cellulose skin. The installation plays with the functioning of identity and the normative social facades Thomas recognizes, realized as draped, fleshy mask-like layers.

June 8 at 7pm
For members + invited guests

Catering generously provided by:

June 9 at 2pm

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